iPad – Greenish Cast

bad iPad colors
Here is my iMac, which I regularly calibrate with a Spyder calibration system. Below on the left is my husband’s iPad (the original). A new iPad mini Retina display is in the middle. A new iPad Air is on the right.

You are looking at a just-finished picture of mine in iPhoto on each device. The exact same image is on all four devices (so the size, resolution, color-space, everything, are the same).

Disappointment: I bought the iPad mini Retina display to use as a carry-along portfolio and found the colors desaturated – especially skin tones. And it was greenish. Look at the plant painted on the backdrop.

Then I read that the iPad Air has a better color gamut. I bought one of those too. The display was quite green. Veering towards Wizard of Oz green.

Worse than the color problem, both the iPad mini and the Air cut my artwork off at the top and the bottom. Note the crow perched on the backdrop. (The new iPads don’t cut off all my pictures, just enough of them to excuse themselves as candidates for portfolio use.)

I borrowed my husband’s three year old iPad (the original!) and found the color to be very good, quite close to my freshly calibrated iMac. That’s his iPad on the left, with the top and bottom of the picture intact.

Next I took the iPad Air and the iPad mini along to a genius bar appointment at the Apple Store. There are no fixes. Apple support had no answers by telephone. I returned both new iPads. Quite sad, as I had bonded with the mini. It was very clever.

I did try the SpyderGALLERY app for calibrating color on iPads. It helped a little, but not enough.

On a side note – My neighbor across the street has a Kindle. The colors are great and the crow is fine.

Today I acquired a used, original iPad, which displays colors identical to the old iPad in the photo (and my freshly calibrated iMac). It doesn’t cut off the tops and bottoms of my pictures. It’s a classic.

UPDATE:  July 4, 2014
Today I bought an iPad Mini with retina display and an iPad Air, which also has a retina display. I brought them home to compare. Both still cut off pictures in iPhoto. (I use Foliobook to show my work. It works well, with the exception that it does not display titles without copyright info.)

Neither screen has the green cast in the December 2013 photo above. However, the iPad mini looks desaturated. My work looks washed out. I took it back.

The iPad Air is much better. It will work.