Daily Rituals

Daily Rituals by Mason CurreyI have a nice little library of well worn books about working and added this small and desirable book by Mason Currey last week.

Delightful.  Truman Capote told the Paris Review in 1957: ” I am a completely horizontal writer.  I can’t think unless I’m lying down in bed or stretched out on a couch and with a cigarette and coffee handy.”

“Kierkegaard owned at least fifty sets of cups and saucers, but only one of each sort. Before coffee could be served, his secretary had to select which cup and saucer he preferred that day, and then, bizarrely justify his choice to Kierkegaard.”

I love that Charles Schulz, who produced 17,897 Peanuts comic strips, arranged his workday around his kids’ schedule, driving them and the neighbor’s children to school in the family station wagon.

In this book there is a lot of early rising going on. Lakes of coffee are drunk down. And there is something about walking….