Springville Art Museum Show Now thru April 26, 2015

Beyond Memory Corinne GeertsenMy solo show, Beyond Memory – The Daydreams of Corinne Geertsen opened the evening of October 8th. There are 30 pictures grouped in four rooms: The introduction above, Hide and Seek (games), Along the way (travel), and Déjà Vu. The pictures are elegantly spaced with a nice vertical rhythm.

Lots of people came. We were all happy. Rita Wright, the director of the museum, used the word “magical”.

20141008 Beyond-Memory-Corinne-Geertsen

20141008-Springville-Show-Corinne-GeertsenThe museum was built by the WPA in the depression. It’s huge and gorgeous. Wonderful floors. Springville has always had a strong arts presence. I have lots of relatives there I’ve never met. I just say I’m a Crandall and they go, “OHHHH” and I’m left to wonder what that means.

Play Along Corinne geertsenThey laminated George Edward Anderson photos, so people could pick them up and walk around the museum, comparing them to the pictures they are in. My great grandfather and George Edward Anderson were business partners for a while. I have special permission from Brigham Young University to use their collection of George Edward Anderson images. BYU has a portfolio of my work using the G.E.A. photos in their special collections.

Clouded Corinne Geertsen


The Museum hung Clouded on the wall, found a rug that closely matches the flying carpet in the picture and laid it on the floor in front of the picture. Be sure to check that out if you go.

20141008-Springville-Show-tableIf you would like to see more of my work, have a seat at the library table. There is a book on it of most of my work and also books about George Edward Anderson.

There is plenty of time to come see the show. It’s up until April 26, 2015. Come on down!