What Happens at Night

What Happens at Night Corinne Geertsen

What Happens at Night

This has been one of my favorite pictures. I like the mystery of it. I like the moment just before something happens. I like Cassiopeia. It’s a great constellation. I’m still waiting for someone to look at the picture and say, “There’s CASSIOPEIA!!!”

The spoon was one my children used. I am very proud of the photo I took of the owl. Taking pictures of hawks is all kinds of disaster. They’re just too fast. But an owl! I can do that.

This is one of my husband’s favorite pictures too. A few years ago he commissioned the very clever Matt Muralt of Muralt’s Custom Jewelers in Mesa, Arizona to make a pin based on this picture. Matt is a master of cast glass and silver work and came up with this pin, which I wear to openings.

Muralt pin Corinne Geertsen