Umbrella Test

Umbrella Test by Corinne Geertsen, Digital Art, Digital collage

Umbrella Test

This bear is a professional umbrella tester. The light changes. He falls. The umbrella is tested.

The man is forever clueless. That’s part of the test. You never know when calamity strikes.

The bear is calm, even nonchalant. He does it all day. He brings a lunch.

I made the bear from photos of different bears and bear taxidermy. I made bear brushes in Photoshop and painted bear parts. There’s a lot of homemade Photoshop bear hair.

There were many versions of the bear. It would have been easier to take my camera to the Department of Umbrella Testing.

I believe I am now qualified to Photoshop glamour bears on the covers of fancy bear magazines. Ugly bears can be made lovely. Bears can be made from nothing at all.