The Preservationist

The Preservationist by Corinne Geertsen, digital art, digital collage

The Preservationist

You may remember the weird machine from the post Contraption for a New Picture.  The bird was photographed accidentally during the same shoot.

It’s an ironic bird because I go to such effort to get photos of birds flying. Not easy. And here one just shows up accidentally in a photo. I didn’t notice it until I was going through the photos. Well, looky there.

This is fun for me to post The Preservationist now because I just finished it. I don’t publish my work in any way until it is fully copyrighted with the U.S. Copyright Office. I wait until I have 5 or 6 pictures done and then I copyright the group. I just copyrighted, so here is The Preservationist, just finished last week.

I think this fellow has as much fun canning clouds as as I did putting the clouds in jars digitally.

The Preservationist is going to be in my solo show at the Springville Art Museum, October 8, 2014 through Spring 2015. The show is called “Beyond Memory: the Daydreams of Corinne Geertsen”. More on that soon.