Smolder Sisters by Amity Wilczek

Here’s a wonderful new poem for the poetry project: Smolder Sisters by Amity Wilczek

Smolder Sisters Corinne Geertsen

Smolder Sisters

don’t you know, a building burnt becomes a castle
and a ruin is more romantic, by far
but who knew there would be so much black smoke?

it will be better.
shielded still by stone walls from the gaze of curious cars
easier than ever to follow birds in flight

divisions and clutter seared away
everything reduced to tower and turret
and from within we can look up unencumbered to the sky

Fantastic. I’ve read this poem so many times and I still want to read it again. Many thanks to Amity, who is the Dean of Deep Springs College and lives in the high desert of eastern California. The high desert is so very lucky to have her.