Gamers – by Jenny Pace

Game Corinne Geertsen


I am so very amazed and delighted that Jenny Pace has written the poem, Game. Could there possibly be a better name for a rhino than Rhynette? Enjoy!


Sadly, Lizabetha lost again,

Out maneuvered by her one-ton friend.

Bravely putting on her gaming face,

Lizabetha tried to lose with grace.

Hoping for a rematch, she inquired,

“Shall we play again, or are you tired?”

Rhynette, quite embarrassed, could retort

Only with an agitated, “Snort”.

So, knowing that she was the thicker skinned,

Took the disadvantaged spot downwind.

Lizabetha, strong in arm and fist,

Could not match Rhynette’s suppleness of wrist.

This respected skill was legendary,

But she knew it was hereditary.