Feathered Hat by Jenny Pace

Hat With Feathers Corinne Geertsen

Hat With Feathers

This just in: some clever and delightful lines penned by Jenny Pace about the picture Hat with Feathers.

Jenny will be receiving Hat with Feathers, a work from a small and exclusive edition. I am assembling a show of your writing with my pictures. The poem Feathered Hat will be in the show, which is tentatively titled Alphabet Soup.

Are you interested in writing a poem and joining us in the show? Please go to the page Call to Poets. Now. You’ll be glad you did.

Here is the poem Feathered Hat. Enjoy!

Stylish, though it was, she had her doubts,
Possessing, as she did, a fickle taste,
Looking, in the glass, she turned about,
Checking the effect on eyes and waist.

Questioning, aloud, “Is it too tall?”
Knowing, in a flash, that she would wear it,
Perceiving, “lack of color, that is all”,
Seeing just the spot to fit a parrot.