Thoughts on Submarine by Brian Dille

Submarine Corinne Geertsen


Imagine my good luck when Brian Dille sat down and wrote a great poem about my Submarine picture. My favorite line is “No power, no fun”. I would REALLY like to see his “extension boom”. Enjoy!

Thoughts on “Submarine” by Brian Dille

The Birkenstock crowd
Wild-eyed warnings of “peak oil”
Sought to scare us all

When the oil runs out
End of civilization
No power, no fun

But they failed to see
How our ingenuity
Would keep us moving on

I made a device
More than electricity
Can come from the wind

To withstand the rains
Coated with waterproof skins
Best wind comes in storms

Prototype tested
Scaled up for long-distance trips
The next Henry Ford

But little Tommy Horn
A highly precocious lad
Our baby Einstein

Watching my time trials
Had some ideas of his own
To ride away gone

He had listened long
To grown ups’ heavy lament
Of all the was lost

Huge HD TVs
Heavy Metal, iphones, steak
Angry Birds, road trips

Also heard rumors
Asian lands still with power
Blinking lights of hope

Determined to go
And see the past himself
He stole my machine

I’m not too worried
And expect the prompt return
Of this too bright lad

For I have not yet
Installed the extension boom
On the windmill shaft

And there is one fact
From which he cannot escape

An upturned fish tank
Only has some 10 minutes
Of breathable air