I Think Everything in Life Is Art

These wise words are from Helena Bonham Carter. Certainly life is art. What kind of art are you making today? ... [Continue reading]

Build Your Routine!

Build Your Routine, Find Your Focus and Sharpen Your Creative Mind. Big promises. This little book delivers. Because of big changes in the family responsibility landscape, I was in need of becoming ... [Continue reading]

Making a Good Picture and Ira Glass

I've been trying to use a flamingo in a picture for a very long time. It's been a long running flamingo disaster. I call it the "Yikes Effect". I put a flamingo in and YIKES! I take it right out ... [Continue reading]

Daily Rituals

I have a nice little library of well worn books about working and added this small and desirable book by Mason Currey last week. Delightful.  Truman Capote told the Paris Review in 1957: " I am a ... [Continue reading]

Upheaval at the World Wide Web

It's great help every now and then to work for a bit not directly on my work, but on a close relation. Web design is a great candidate. It's visual: every increment of space and every nuance of color ... [Continue reading]