Showing at the Springville Museum of Art

Here is your official invite to my show at the Springville Museum of Art, Springville, Utah. There will be 30 works. The reception is next Wednesday, October 8th from 7:00-8:30. The show runs ... [Continue reading]

Meyer Gallery Affordable Art Stroll

Join the fun at the Park City inaugural "Affordable Art Stroll". I am proud to be at the Meyer Gallery, which will feature 100 quality works under $1000. I'm showing in the front room on ground level. ... [Continue reading]

Driving Art

Last week we drove my artwork to the Springville Museum of Art. We paused at the Vermillion Cliffs in southern Utah so you could see how we fit 30 framed pictures into a Subaru. Everything, even ... [Continue reading]

Springville Art Museum Slideshow

I just finished a slideshow for my show at the Springville Museum of Art. It runs 20 minutes in a continuous loop and shows my pictures being built from the ground up. Come see! October 8th, 2014 ... [Continue reading]

Framing 30 pictures

We're nearly ready to transport 30 pictures to Utah for my show Beyond Memory: The Daydreams of Corinne Geertsen. It's at the Springville Art Museum from October 8th, 2014 through April 30th, ... [Continue reading]

Showing at the Gebert in Scottsdale, Arizona

Here's something nice to do tonight. Or come sometime soon - it'll be up about a month. Gebert Contemporary. (Click on invitation to see it bigger.) There is an amazing Fritz Scholder sculpture ... [Continue reading]

Beyond Memory, Springville Museum of Art

I'm delighted to announce  my upcoming solo show "Beyond Memory" at the Springville Art Museum in Springville, Utah. It will be October 8th, 2014 through April 30th, 2015. I'm busy selecting work, ... [Continue reading]

Gebert Contemporary Works on Paper

We had a fun time at Gebert Contemporary last Thursday, visiting with dear friends and meeting new ones. The show is "Works on Paper". Come see and enjoy!   ... [Continue reading]

Gebert Contemporary Gallery Group Show

Wonderful show at a wonderful gallery in Scottsdale, Arizona. I'm happy to be part of it. If you're in the area, come enjoy! ... [Continue reading]

New work at Gebert Contemporary

Come see my new work at Gebert Contemporary in Scottsdale, Arizona. It's a great gallery with lots of beautiful and provoking work. ... [Continue reading]