With a Wave of Her Digital Wand Corinne Geertsen Animates a Fading World with Fantasy

By Rebecca Pyle for 15 Bytes Corinne Geertsen’s many-layered art images, which begin as photographs, are magic tricks. They contain ghosts of the photographed past, people wearing clothing time ... [Continue reading]

Deer Gardener

Deer Gardener and other works will be in the show "The New Vanguard" at Keep Contemporary Gallery in Santa Fe, February 21 -March 15. You're invited! ... [Continue reading]

She Subscribed to a Bird-Brained Manner of Thinking

Did you ever ask a Magic 8-Ball an important question? Best not to. It's best to trust your own judgement. This work was in "Certain Women", a group show in Salt Lake City, Utah last summer ... [Continue reading]

Art & Life with CORINNE GEERTSEN Voyage Phoenix

Today we’d like to introduce you to Corinne Geertsen. Corinne, please kick things off for us by telling us about yourself and your journey so far. I always drew. I began with a purple crayon in a ... [Continue reading]

Benefit Concert

Here's a freshly finished work, "Benefit Concert". While I was working, I was thinking about the Lady and the Unicorn tapestries at the Cluny Museum in Paris. They're about the six senses and are done ... [Continue reading]

Show at Mesa Arts Center

My solo show is up and running at the Mesa Arts Center. There are 22 works, many accompanied by poems contributed by interesting writers around the world. Singing Lesson is in the show. We really ... [Continue reading]

Howard/Mandville Gallery – and more!

I'm delighted to join the extraordinary  Howard/Mandville Gallery near Seattle. If you're in the Puget Sound area, please come August 12-September 4th for a great group show. We've shipped six ... [Continue reading]

Night Vision

I asked to photograph this phoropter at the eye doctor's. It looked like a handy thing for two partners with night vision. Note below: things that are made up are the moon, the ground fog and ... [Continue reading]

The Art Gallery at MCC: 50 Years of Collecting

The handsome new Art Gallery at MCC opened with the show "50 Years of Collecting". I'm delighted to have a work in a show along with Calder and Goya. In the photo above I'm on the left and the very ... [Continue reading]

The Footnote Chronicles and … YOU!

Long story short, you get to be in a museum AND you get art. Here's how: Choose a work from the pictures on either of my portfolio pages, here on my website, that speaks to you, whispers to you, ... [Continue reading]