New work at Gebert Contemporary

Come see my new work at Gebert Contemporary in Scottsdale, Arizona. It's a great gallery with lots of beautiful and provoking work. ... [Continue reading]

Phoenix Magazine Artist of the Month by Dolores Tropiano

Corinne Geertsen's father was a psychologist who discussed his work daily at the dinner table - blow by blow insights into the human condition that seeped into her subconscious and altered her ... [Continue reading]

The Mysteries of Geertsen’s World by Amy Young

The Mysteries of Geertsen's World by Amy L. Young The study of human psychology is a plump and juicy onion to peel. Much like the actual and seriously pungent bulb, what is uncovered beneath the ... [Continue reading]

Artist of the Month

Corinne Geertsen took a Photoshop class in 2007 with the intent of restoring old photographs, but taking that class placed her on a completely different path. "A few weeks into the class, I began ... [Continue reading]

Vision Gallery

A new show of my work goes up November 18 at the Vision Gallery in Chandler, Arizona. Come on down! My pictures are quirky visual narratives about psychological situations. They are digital photo ... [Continue reading]

Life is But a Dream for Valley Artist by Nate Lipka

The old collides with the new. The everyday is punched up by elements of fantasy, mystery and whimsy. It's familiar, but definitely strange. These are as much descriptions of Valley artist Corinne ... [Continue reading]

After Hours Gallery: Parlor Games

Parlor Games is my new show at the After Hour Gallery, opening Friday, November 4th, 6 pm to 9 pm. After Hours is a very special contemporary art gallery and urban space that has given much to the ... [Continue reading]

Freudian Hip by Nicholas Gerbis

Ceci n'est pas un cigar. Surrealism was always a muddled movement. Nevertheless, it succeeded in imprinting its aesthetic and stylistic qualities in the collective unconscious. Witness that museum ... [Continue reading]

Corinne Geertsen at Mesa Contemporary Arts by Scott Andrews

Corinne Geertsen at Mesa Contemporary Arts by Scott Andrews Mesa Contemporary Arts, whose five galleries join four theaters and 14 art studios, in the Mesa Arts Center (MAC), has been bringing the ... [Continue reading]

5 Questions by Mandy Zajac

Mind Trip by Mandy Zajac There's something at once modern and old-fashioned about Corinne Geertsen's photography. Not to mention a little bizarro. The Mesa artist uses digital technology to create ... [Continue reading]