Umbrella Test

This bear is a professional umbrella tester. The light changes. He falls. The umbrella is tested. The man is forever clueless. That's part of the test. You never know when calamity strikes. The ... [Continue reading]


When I was small my Christmas wish was for a horse. Always for a horse.  Now my wish is for peace on earth. I deeply wish for that. May this Emissary bring us peace on earth. Photoshop note: to ... [Continue reading]

Brushes freezing Photoshop CC

Let me just save you the time it takes to read this whole post. The upgrade to Photoshop CC 2014 solved all the problems listed here. This post deals with the travails of trying to get my Wacom tablet ... [Continue reading]

Make a golden hoop in Photoshop

My next picture has a golden hoop in it. Here's how to make one. 1. In a new Photoshop document (1200 px square) add a new layer. Name it "Hoop". 2. Select Ellipse Tool (U). Check the Paths box in ... [Continue reading]