The Tree Collector and his Dog

Things are not looking good for trees. (Just look out the window.) The tree collector begins his life's work. His dog gets into the spirit by rounding up a stray branch here and there. Many ... [Continue reading]

The Board of Directors Takes up the Cat Problem

I'm quite delighted to say that this work is now in the permanent collection of the Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum. It's found it's way into several private collections in the last month as ... [Continue reading]

The Art Gallery at MCC: 50 Years of Collecting

The handsome new Art Gallery at MCC opened with the show "50 Years of Collecting". I'm delighted to have a work in a show along with Calder and Goya. In the photo above I'm on the left and the very ... [Continue reading]

Train Wreck at the Tempe History Museum

I am quite delighted to have one of my pictures, Behind Curtain Number One, now in the permanent collection of the Tempe History Museum. So grateful that the museum allows me to use bits of their ... [Continue reading]

Portfolio News

Brigham Young University is purchasing a portfolio of my work for their  Special Collections. My work in this portfolio is based on photographs by George Edward Anderson, also a part of the Special ... [Continue reading]


Great Aunt Velma on space patrol. The City of Tempe commissioned this piece, asking me to work from photos archived at The Tempe Historical Museum. Rocketeer was shown for the first time at the ... [Continue reading]


I adore this little gal. Here she is in a rompin' stompin' game of ring toss. I am delighted that the Arizona Museum for Youth chose this picture for their permanent collection. ... [Continue reading]


Recording the history of giraffes. It is a very, very long and old story. Told in a monotone. Both Scottsdale Public Arts and Mesa Community College have this picture in their permanent ... [Continue reading]

The Fish Channel

Love obscure cable channels. The children are unknown and now not forgotten. I made the wallpaper from lots of things–the rip in it is from a photo of a great uncle. The City of Phoenix has this ... [Continue reading]

Delivering Peace

Finished. The fellow on the left is Anders Geertsen, one of my husband's people. His picture was taken in Aarhus, Denmark in about 1883. The fellow on the right is Kaiser Wilhelm. No offense to ... [Continue reading]