Cousin Claude

Meet my mom's cousin Claude. (He looks a lot like my brother did when he was a boy.) I'm well into a picture with Claude as the main character. He's going to be a giant. ... [Continue reading]

Family, kind of

We really don't know who these people are, but we think they're my husband's people. I like this photo a lot. I'm almost done with the picture that began with the steam hacksaw (look back a few ... [Continue reading]

Best machine ever

I went to a tractor show and took a picture of this great machine. It's a steam hacksaw!!! This is going into a new picture. Yes, they had a tractor parade. ... [Continue reading]

Old West Typewriter

I took this photo in Virginia City, Montana a couple of years ago. It's going to play a part in my next picture. ... [Continue reading]

Godzilla! Coming! Soon!

I'm almost done with a new picture featuring this great godzilla I got last summer at Jitterbug Antiques in Salt Lake City, Utah. ... [Continue reading]

Pocket Cornet

I'm nearing the conclusion of a picture featuring this neat pocket cornet, made in Boston in 1885. I took this picture at the Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix. It's a great place to take photos. ... [Continue reading]

Palms for desert island picture

I've been thinking awhile about doing a desert island picture. I'll take a palm tree from this photo I took across the street. ... [Continue reading]

Elements of a Picture in the Works

A misty sunset near Malibu and a 110 year old paper handwritten by one of my husbands ancestors. In Danish. ... [Continue reading]

Tin Type

We went to a thrift store yesterday and brought home this great tin type (and 10 photos). I'm looking forward to working with this. Possibly Civil War era? ... [Continue reading]


Of course rhinos love pineapples. Please notice that when the rhino walks to the left, the Rhinocycle moves to the right. To go forward you must go back. Zen rhino. The palette is Nursery Colors ... [Continue reading]