I was in Bisbee this last weekend taking photos of ingredients for my work. Bisbee is quirky and full of color. A phenomenal place to take pictures! ... [Continue reading]

A Great Hat

What a great hat. It belonged to a friend's grandfather. I'm working on a picture with it now. ... [Continue reading]

Antique Store Adoption

I found this fine young person in an antique store. I'm almost finished with a picture featuring her as the main character. ... [Continue reading]

Many thanks

A thousand thanks to a dear friend who gave me four beautiful photo albums from the 1880's, with many of the pictures from Scotland. Exciting! ... [Continue reading]

Deer Coming Soon

I took this picture from my bicycle in Dyrehaven in Denmark. Dyrehaven is a wooded park, so lovely it defies description. This will be the background for an upcoming picture. Check back soon. ... [Continue reading]


Here we see another function of a birdcage. (The nest in an earlier post is at the bottom right.) ... [Continue reading]


I found this nest while trimming a tree in our front yard. It's going into a picture that's in progress right now. ... [Continue reading]

Coming soon

My Dad showed our home movies with this projector. Looks like it's going to be in the next picture. ... [Continue reading]

Many thanks to Helen

Helen was 13 years old on June 5, 1915. She's going to be the main character in my next picture, not certain what it will be about yet. ... [Continue reading]

A horse named Beso

It's looking like Beso, a horse I had 15 years ago, will go into the new picture. If you know your Gulliver's Travels, you'll remember Gulliver visited the Houyhnhnms (in their own language it means ... [Continue reading]