The Kiss

The Kiss: a reckless moment, out of control, but headed in the right direction. On December 7th, 2015 I sat in our backyard and took 57 photos of grackles in flight. These are my favorite individual ... [Continue reading]

Night Vision

I asked to photograph this phoropter at the eye doctor's. It looked like a handy thing for two partners with night vision. Note below: things that are made up are the moon, the ground fog and ... [Continue reading]

All in the Family

My daughter and granddaughter have posed and contributed arms and legs and hands and even closed eyes to my artwork. (See my daughter's arms in The Crossing.) Many thanks to them! We took pictures ... [Continue reading]

The Crossing

You may remember a flamingo source photo in the post Making a Good Picture. I've been taking photos of flamingos for ages.  But when I tried to use a flamingo in a picture, the flamingo brought all of ... [Continue reading]

Contraption for new picture

A month ago a friend and I took our cameras out to Goldfield Ghost Town, on the Apache Trail, just east of Mesa, Arizona where we live. We went on a cloudy day so we wouldn't have harsh Arizona ... [Continue reading]

Finding Photos – Lightroom

I have 28,000 photos in my personal photo archive. I need to be able to quickly find photos I'm thinking about as well as photos I've completely forgotten. Adobe Lightroom can do that. My photos ... [Continue reading]


Great Uncle Jim has made a contraption to create maximum noise by positioning trumpets optimally. A cooperative hippo is involved. A measurement will be taken with the attached loud-ometer. There is ... [Continue reading]


Here is a man who is is a natural at his job. Wherever he goes birds stay near. How could he be anything but an ornithologist? I do love to photograph birds. The slower the bird moves, the better I ... [Continue reading]

At the Steampunk Ball

Last night we went to the Steampunk Ball at the Scottsdale Center for the arts. There were lots of goggle-appointed top hats. Plenty of ray guns. A dashing parachutist. The models above posed for ... [Continue reading]

Making a Good Picture and Ira Glass

I've been trying to use a flamingo in a picture for a very long time. It's been a long running flamingo disaster. I call it the "Yikes Effect". I put a flamingo in and YIKES! I take it right out ... [Continue reading]