Geertsen Work


I'm using Genuine Fractals to enlarge old pictures (like the Malibu background in Poet) to bring them to a resolution where I can print the final picture quite large. ... [Continue reading]

View Master

Great Uncle Otis made a career of photographing the capitols of Europe. He never dropped the camera. ... [Continue reading]

Self Control

Great Aunt Irina was an auto-puppeteer, a master of self control. ... [Continue reading]


The Kilowatt Twins. Something very bad and very electrical is about to happen. (It's easier to leave comments now. Comments are good.) ... [Continue reading]

Grand Tour

Great-Aunt Edna and traveling companion. ... [Continue reading]


She thinks too much, perhaps. ... [Continue reading]

Every Hero Has a Journey

  Young Uncle Armand joins an exploratory fleet last seen headed toward The Other Side of the World. ... [Continue reading]


Recording the history of giraffes. It is a very, very long and old story. Told in a monotone. Both Scottsdale Public Arts and Mesa Community College have this picture in their permanent ... [Continue reading]

What Happens At Night

So, what do you think will happen? ... [Continue reading]

Car Polo

Movement is not progress. ... [Continue reading]