Geertsen Work


I've been thinking about transitions in life. About shooting free to something new. About the spunkiness of the soul. ... [Continue reading]

Writer’s Block

This is what it's like when an idea doesn't come. The woman is from a photo belonging to a friend who kindly allows me the use of her family albums. Many thanks for this generosity. ... [Continue reading]

Hat with Feathers

Accessorizing with friends. Haberdashery with owls. ... [Continue reading]


A collaboration in pursuit of velocity. ... [Continue reading]

The Danger Boys

This one is all about mayhem. ... [Continue reading]

The Accompanist

This one is a bit autobiographical. I am the tortoise....I'm hurrying as fast as I can to go toot that horn, but it just takes so long to get there. ... [Continue reading]


Life's a picnic. ... [Continue reading]

New picture finished: Voyeurs

There are probably more kangaroos in the balloon. (The idea behind this pictures is Susannah and the Elders.) ... [Continue reading]

Kangaroo high jinks

Just gave this kangaroo a skirt. This is a sneak-peak of the bigger picture I'm working on. ... [Continue reading]


I hope she has the correct change. Here's how the parking meter turned out. Red is good. ... [Continue reading]