Geertsen Work


An antlered fable. ... [Continue reading]


Some of us are wonderfully prepared but may never make it beyond rehearsal.... I used many layers of texture in this piece, including one that added wrinkles to the wallpaper and others to make the ... [Continue reading]

Weather Man

Uncle Rudolf was a zephyr specialist. ... [Continue reading]

Portrait with Octopus

Great Uncle George enjoyed all things aquatic. There are many layers of textures, each with it's own blending mode, that unify this image and give it the look of an aged cabinet card. ... [Continue reading]


The twins go with renewable energy. ... [Continue reading]

Self Projection

Great Aunt Emmeline projecting her self doubts. We've all been in that boat.... ... [Continue reading]


Helen has had many adventures while I've worked on her picture. You can see that even at a tender age she has great powers of persuasion. Detente works on both a personal and a world level. ... [Continue reading]

Call Back

This picture jumped the queue and finished ahead of several others. I took the photo of the dinosaur in Holbrook, Arizona. Call Back is like time travel, except with telephones. ... [Continue reading]


Best laid plans, sigh, Beso the horse did not work with this picture. But I like the night train idea a lot. ... [Continue reading]


For some boys, a pony is just not enough. ... [Continue reading]