Geertsen Work


Just felt like doing something simple. I did the background in pastel and then photographed it and put it in this picture. ... [Continue reading]

The Naturalist

Great Uncle Desmond was devoted to his profession. ... [Continue reading]

Hat Trick

A complicated trick in progress. Hoping for a good outcome. ... [Continue reading]


There's a bit of human nature in this picture. ... [Continue reading]


I adore this little gal. Here she is in a rompin' stompin' game of ring toss. I am delighted that the Arizona Museum for Youth chose this picture for their permanent collection. ... [Continue reading]


Aunt Clara and her traveling companion ... [Continue reading]

Cloud Walker

Cousin Nora took upon herself the exercise of clouds. ... [Continue reading]

Parlor Games at After Hours Gallery

The pictures in my show Parlor Games are all in old frames. Here's Writer's Block in an old metal frame. Many thanks to Russ Haan of After Hours for the beautiful and witty way he framed the pictures! ... [Continue reading]

Coin Op

Great Aunt Emmeline, seeking amusement, inserts her coin. ... [Continue reading]


Great Uncle James was a small person who flew a toy airplane to a rather unsurprising end. ... [Continue reading]