Geertsen Work

Elephant in the Room

The elephant has just had his fifteen minutes of fame and is reluctant to relinquish it. The gals are eager for theirs. It's delightfully fun to create light in Photoshop. I made a warm spotlight ... [Continue reading]

What Happens at Night

This has been one of my favorite pictures. I like the mystery of it. I like the moment just before something happens. I like Cassiopeia. It's a great constellation. I'm still waiting for someone to ... [Continue reading]

Party Game

I photographed the trees in Monterey, California in the fog. For this picture I added in a lot of leaf and bark detail. This picture is so crammed with layers that it's almost 2 gigs. Don't miss the ... [Continue reading]

Green Tea

If it's green it must be good for you! ... [Continue reading]


Great Uncle Abel meeting with other like-minded entities. ... [Continue reading]


The twins-together yet apart. ... [Continue reading]


Don't know what Great Uncle James is thinking here. Probably best if the fish doesn't bite.... ... [Continue reading]


Great Aunt Velma on space patrol. The City of Tempe commissioned this piece, asking me to work from photos archived at The Tempe Historical Museum. Rocketeer was shown for the first time at the ... [Continue reading]


Great Uncle Carl leaves the nest. ... [Continue reading]


It may not have been Great Uncle Peter's best idea. ... [Continue reading]