Geertsen Work

The Preservationist

You may remember the weird machine from the post Contraption for a New Picture.  The bird was photographed accidentally during the same shoot. It's an ironic bird because I go to such effort to get ... [Continue reading]

The Crossing

You may remember a flamingo source photo in the post Making a Good Picture. I've been taking photos of flamingos for ages.  But when I tried to use a flamingo in a picture, the flamingo brought all of ... [Continue reading]


I think when you sit on a bench you are waiting. I like that moment just before something happens. The bench: my younger daughter is a photographer. She loads a lot of people on it for group shots. ... [Continue reading]

Fly Ball – New Picture!

Well, I love his pants. This is a 1 - 2 - 3 picture where the arm on the right has just pitched the ball, the fellow in the clever plaid sports trousers has just hit it and the bird is absconding with ... [Continue reading]


Great Uncle Jim has made a contraption to create maximum noise by positioning trumpets optimally. A cooperative hippo is involved. A measurement will be taken with the attached loud-ometer. There is ... [Continue reading]


Here is a man who is is a natural at his job. Wherever he goes birds stay near. How could he be anything but an ornithologist? I do love to photograph birds. The slower the bird moves, the better I ... [Continue reading]

Flying Fish

A fine way for adventurous Littles to travel. Drifting slowly over the wet sand to parts unknown. Catching a sea breeze. Technically the most difficult part of this picture was photographing fish ... [Continue reading]

Night Music

I began this picture with a tintype I found in a junk shop a year ago. The shadows of a dear friend's old toy soldiers made their way to the bottom of the picture. I added the tree (which is ... [Continue reading]

Pictures Finding Homes

News from the Meyer Gallery in Park City, Utah: within just a couple of days Hat with Feathers, Ornithologist, Fledgling, Elephant in the Room and Haste all sold. Hat with Feather sold twice and one ... [Continue reading]

Thoughts on Submarine by Brian Dille

Imagine my good luck when Brian Dille sat down and wrote a great poem about my Submarine picture. My favorite line is "No power, no fun". I would REALLY like to see his "extension boom". ... [Continue reading]