Geertsen Work

Feathered Hat by Jenny Pace

This just in: some clever and delightful lines penned by Jenny Pace about the picture Hat with Feathers. Jenny will be receiving Hat with Feathers, a work from a small and exclusive edition. I am ... [Continue reading]

Water Music

The first performance of Handel's Water Music: At about 8 p.m. on Wednesday, 17 July 1717, King George I boarded a royal barge at Whitehall Palace for an excursion up the Thames. The barge rode the ... [Continue reading]


When I was small my Christmas wish was for a horse. Always for a horse.  Now my wish is for peace on earth. I deeply wish for that. May this Emissary bring us peace on earth. Photoshop note: to ... [Continue reading]


I'm busy assembling an art show of your poems and my work. Choose a work from the pictures on my two Portfolio pages that speaks to you, whispers to you, yells to you. Write a poem relating to the ... [Continue reading]

Behind Curtain Number One

Many thanks to the Tempe History Museum, which offered me astonishing source photos for this new work. Of course, we're all wondering what's behind Curtain Number Two. And Curtain Number Three! I ... [Continue reading]

Gamers – by Jenny Pace

I am so very amazed and delighted that Jenny Pace has written the poem, Game. Could there possibly be a better name for a rhino than Rhynette? Enjoy! Gamers Sadly, Lizabetha lost again, Out ... [Continue reading]

The Borrower Bird

Sometimes I make pictures of things I would like to see. Questions come to mind: Is he moving his home? Why? Climate change? Wait, wait, if he's borrowing it, is he going to bring it back? Come ... [Continue reading]

Framing 30 pictures

We're nearly ready to transport 30 pictures to Utah for my show Beyond Memory: The Daydreams of Corinne Geertsen. It's at the Springville Art Museum from October 8th, 2014 through April 30th, ... [Continue reading]

Showing at the Gebert in Scottsdale, Arizona

Here's something nice to do tonight. Or come sometime soon - it'll be up about a month. Gebert Contemporary. (Click on invitation to see it bigger.) There is an amazing Fritz Scholder sculpture ... [Continue reading]


Hind sight. Rear view mirror. If I knew then what I knew now. How it follows you. How it's distorted. How you can burst that bubble. When the clouds are good we drive with haste to one of our three ... [Continue reading]