Geertsen Work


It's been a very exciting first act and the troupe needs a break. Come back for the second act after we tidy up a bit. ... [Continue reading]

Benefit Concert

Here's a freshly finished work, "Benefit Concert". While I was working, I was thinking about the Lady and the Unicorn tapestries at the Cluny Museum in Paris. They're about the six senses and are done ... [Continue reading]

The Kiss

The Kiss: a reckless moment, out of control, but headed in the right direction. On December 7th, 2015 I sat in our backyard and took 57 photos of grackles in flight. These are my favorite individual ... [Continue reading]

Founding Members of the Wildlife Society

Here we see an outsider blending in. Most of the members are trying to look dignified for the camera, but one has suspicions. Watch out for the yawning bear. If you have her over, she'll steal your ... [Continue reading]

Tea: Playing with Time in Art

It's far more interesting to show the moment before something happens, rather than to show it while it's happening. Time can become a strong element in a work of art. If art like this were a book, we ... [Continue reading]

Umbrella Test

This bear is a professional umbrella tester. The light changes. He falls. The umbrella is tested. The man is forever clueless. That's part of the test. You never know when calamity strikes. The ... [Continue reading]

The Tree Collector and his Dog

Things are not looking good for trees. (Just look out the window.) The tree collector begins his life's work. His dog gets into the spirit by rounding up a stray branch here and there. Many ... [Continue reading]


Some people have a natural gift for keeping others safe. This work has a hill from a photo my husband took in Hong Kong in the 1970's and dandelions from a hike in the Sierras last summer. Good ... [Continue reading]

The Board of Directors Takes up the Cat Problem

I'm quite delighted to say that this work is now in the permanent collection of the Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum. It's found it's way into several private collections in the last month as ... [Continue reading]

Show at Mesa Arts Center

My solo show is up and running at the Mesa Arts Center. There are 22 works, many accompanied by poems contributed by interesting writers around the world. Singing Lesson is in the show. We really ... [Continue reading]