Talk about Charm

I'm on the left and on the right is the fabulous Stacy Barr of the Gebert Contemporary Gallery in Scottsdale, Arizona. I just delivered the ten pictures you see on the floor and will bring in a few ... [Continue reading]

The Ringmaster – Philip Curtis at the Mesa Arts Center

Oh boy, one of my favorite artist at one of my favorite museums. Philip Curtis: long Victorian figures, barren trees and sparse landscapes, parades, caged animals, such a lovely touch with a horizon ... [Continue reading]

Meyer Gallery-The Red Room

When you go to Park City Utah, you must go to the Meyer Gallery. It was once The First National Bank and Silver King Mining Company. Don't miss the etched glass transom windows. They're original and ... [Continue reading]

Maira Kalman: A Short Film

If you do nothing else today, watch this. Please watch it fullscreen. This wonderful film was produced by Gael Towey. It's from her series Portraits in Creativity. Go there. Now. Watch ... [Continue reading]

Brent Bond – Twister

Artist and Master Printer Brent Bond was kind enough to allow Mesa Contemporary Arts to include this print in their 2011 Art Print Calendar. We were lucky enough to purchase this print at the Mesa ... [Continue reading]

Steve Martin and Eric Fischl, Phoenix Art Museum

Last night we enjoyed a conversation at the Phoenix Art Museum between friends Steve Martin, Eric Fischl and Fischel's wife, painter April Gornik. (This event celebrates the 10th anniversary of the ... [Continue reading]

Kathryn Maxwell – Lucky

This screen print (with GLITTER!) is named Lucky and that's exactly what I am. I recently visited the Mesa Arts Center Museum and saw their wonderful show of prints donated by kind artists for their ... [Continue reading]

I Think Everything in Life Is Art

These wise words are from Helena Bonham Carter. Certainly life is art. What kind of art are you making today? ... [Continue reading]

Thoughts on Submarine by Brian Dille

Imagine my good luck when Brian Dille sat down and wrote a great poem about my Submarine picture. My favorite line is "No power, no fun". I would REALLY like to see his "extension boom". ... [Continue reading]