Plungist With Up-Ometer

Plungist with Up-ometer Corinne Geertsen

Plungist with Up-ometer

Here’s a recently finished piece. Her Up-Ometer will tell her which way is up while she’s going over the falls.
It’s always good to know which way is up.

Show Dates–Phoenix

Zephyr Specialist Corinne Geertsen

Zephyr Specialist

There will be a 7 week solo show of my work at the Burton Barr Central Library (in its @Central Gallery)
in Phoenix, Arizona. The show runs November 10- December 30, 2009.

Right now the gallery is showing Lasting Light: 125 Years of Grand Canyon Photography. See ya there.

Above is Zephyr Specialist, who is an aficionado of both study and chance.