The Ringmaster – Philip Curtis at the Mesa Arts Center

Oh boy, one of my favorite artist at one of my favorite museums. Philip Curtis: long Victorian figures, barren trees and sparse landscapes, parades, caged animals, such a lovely touch with a horizon line. His paintings stop me in my tracks and I can’t stop looking.
Philip Curtis, The Parade

Philip Curtis’s show of circus art, The Ringmaster, opened last night and continues through November 30, 2014. Hurry on down. It’s free too.

Last night The Mesa Arts Center threw a cirque-ish season kick-off. There was an aerial hoop dancer, a strongman, a juggler (flaming hatchets, yes!) a fire-eater (with a beard. Imagine!), a steam punk-robot-dancer ( a lovely man), a contortionist, and stilt -walker. You could take your photo with a mermaid. That’s the kind of night it was.

The 18 year old tightrope walker was charming. After she finished her walks, she walked straight into her audience, held the hands of young girls and visited with them.

20140912 Tightrope Walker

I took a lot of photos. Delightful!